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Blush AK Hoodie release 2022

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With every passing year and each new hoodie, we are blessed to be able to continue to build the Blush community and the many friendships that have been made through it. Whether this is your first or fifteenth hoodie, each one comes with more than a decade of love and laughter! How in the world did we bottle up the two most important things in life, you ask?! Great question and here’s how - we looked back. We looked at where we came from, what’s happened along the way, and how today was made possible. We wrote down what we saw in vivid detail and took it to our magical hoodie factory in LA. We told them that we needed everything on those pages to become our 2022 hoodie and not a single detail could be missed. Through great mastery and skill, they were able to carefully take the words right off the paper and knit them into the buttery soft fabric itself and create the perfect distillation of our enchanted heritage - as a community and as Alaskans.
Sometimes a bottle filled with love and laughter looks a lot like a 2022 Blush AK Heritage Hoodie.
Mint/Kenai River
Yellow/Midnight Sun
Tan/Arctic Fox
Fabric content: 70% cotton 30% poly
Care instructions: machine wash cold, gentle, lay flat to dry
Price $179
Made in the USA
Fabric content: 100% cotton
Care instructions: Wash cold, lay flat to dry
Made in the USA
Price: $176

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